About Us

Scoremytrainer.com helps you find personal trainers through real user-generated reviews. This site is the easiest way for finding and rating personal trainers. If doctors & restaurants have so many reviews, why shouldn’t trainers?!

Finding a personal trainer should be easy. Since there are thousands of dollars in upfront commitments at stake you can’t settle.

Have you tried to do a web search to find a personal trainer in your area? The results are vague and provide limited reviews of actual gyms, not specific trainers. Similarly, gym websites don’t show a list of trainers with their photos & experience so you’re in the dark.

Help us change the way people hire fitness trainers. We now have the ability to access information and transparency into the personal trainer we want.

We are not affiliated with any personal trainers or gyms.


If a trainer has  next to their name it means users scored them as hot, otherwise known as gorgeous, handsome, pretty or sexy.

In order to add a Personal Trainer you must first access the gym they train at. If their gym is not in the system yet, then please click “add a gym” and add the gym first. Then you can proceed.

If they are a private personal trainer and do not belong to a specific gym or location, then select Self-Employed. For any additional questions regarding this please email support@scoremytrainer.com.

Users all over the country can now rely on your rating of your personal trainer. From there, they can choose to hire them!

All of these reviews are from individuals like yourself! They are reporting based on their first-hand experiences to help others make easy decisions. Getting one person’s feedback on a personal trainer is better than none!